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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Zenychka +6Buckler[TharaFrog] * HydraCards prontera 2 minutes ago
buyS Earth Deleter, +10 Chain prontera 13 minutes ago
Jabrikanmerah GOOD+CHEAP= WHY NOT prontera 29 minutes ago
DingDingPie Super Sale Tussday! Cards&Ribbon[1] prontera 1 hour ago
Sakina +7 Gladius, Gajomart... prontera 1 hour ago
memerchant Mantis card - Memerch Shop prontera 1 hour ago
Remasuri 1 Zeny Shop QUITTING prontera 1 hour ago
Cris 22/01 prontera 2 hours ago
Quenferius Jones Drainliar SS Hode etc prontera 2 hours ago
INVALID_NAME_783 Cards and Weapons ~L429~ prontera 4 hours ago
Rebelo's Prontera Store Rebelo's Tool Dealer prontera 5 hours ago
Bobbel Shop name is empty prontera 7 hours ago
zenyzeny Pet Egg Sale *^* prontera 9 hours ago
spina Pet Ikea *^* prontera 9 hours ago
Marinet Marinet shop prontera 9 hours ago
yen stuff prontera 9 hours ago
gee merch Jan22 glove[1] +7weps Cards prontera 9 hours ago
DXseller ELU StARhood yellow gem prontera 9 hours ago
Golden Shower Ring, Blinder, Boots, Shoes, Shield prontera 11 hours ago
BR-Zeny Royal Jelly / Silk Robe / Dead Branc prontera 11 hours ago
Vanilla Cheesecake Shopishop prontera 13 hours ago
Kinga <$ TAKE A LOOK <$ prontera 15 hours ago
Produtos Hinode Elu and cheaps prontera 15 hours ago
Illyasviel Einzbern Shop prontera 15 hours ago
Sven's Merchant Shop prontera 16 hours ago
Mimiko Muff /// Hoods /// Cards (cheap) prontera 20 hours ago
Wyidealizowany Swiat stuff prontera 20 hours ago
kartofelek stuff prontera 20 hours ago
Irisviel Einzbern Hats Shop prontera 21 hours ago
Limette All you need! prontera 22 hours ago
Make me rich B>Gladius[3]500k,+7gladius 2m prontera 23 hours ago
Isellshit payon cards payon 23 hours ago
RoboMerch Equipment prontera 23 hours ago
Kalmindon AoA Saints robe +7 sohee shoes +++ prontera 1 day ago
Goblin Goblin's rings for your finger or ma prontera 1 day ago
Herrenhäuser Cheap Battle Axe [4] for all prontera 1 day ago
iBrewforyou Quve, Cap [1], Mantle [1] prontera 1 day ago
Chacha I'm a I'm prontera 1 day ago
zerpzero +10 Stiletto, Fur Seal Card, CM etc. prontera 1 day ago
merc Get ur second hand prontera 1 day ago
Metallurgy OCA, elu, berries, cards prontera 1 day ago
erlyk forged crap prontera 1 day ago
zenny only $ strawberry n herbs payon 1 day ago
Kodelka PeuVeuPeu prontera 1 day ago
Made in Madureira OCA, Arbalest, Infiltrator, elements prontera 1 day ago
Benta boy cheap things prontera 1 day ago
BitteVet cramp prontera 1 day ago
Merchant Raion Thara, Mummy, Cornutus, Saints prontera 1 day ago
Terrorist MuramasaWandererUndershirtVVSice prontera 1 day ago
ChambaMerch Chambas Ranked VVS Ele Wap 20.01 #1 prontera 1 day ago
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