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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Brigit Mink Coats//JUR prontera 4 minutes ago
Autotrader Muffler.WSS.Bathory.Dullahan.Iron prontera 42 minutes ago
Evelin Öö prontera 47 minutes ago
Rosenblatt Silverstein Swindling Profiteer prontera 51 minutes ago
Vanja HYDRA/SHOES/IRON CAIN prontera 55 minutes ago
Delovoy @#@#@#@#@ prontera 1 hour ago
Merk Cheap Hoods prontera 1 hour ago
Pharmaceptic @#@#@#@#@ prontera 1 hour ago
The Wolf of Wall Street LOL prontera 1 hour ago
Angel~* @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ prontera 1 hour ago
hARDERZENM1 Mr. hARDERZENM1 prontera 1 hour ago
Dew Comp Bow / Hood prontera 1 hour ago
FaanMoney CHEAP! prontera 2 hours ago
FullTorg WTS prontera 2 hours ago
Kerbisale Marc Card prontera 2 hours ago
wkyra Taekwon prontera 2 hours ago
Saleswoman Vee Lazy Smokie | Gas Mask prontera 2 hours ago
Salesman Vuu THA|THS|MANTLE|MG|BM prontera 2 hours ago
Salesman Vaa junk prontera 2 hours ago
Pilgrim Dunder Mifflin geffen 2 hours ago
Hillion Miscelania prontera 2 hours ago
White Chocolate ... prontera 2 hours ago
Phat Doo Doo Whispering Eye prontera 3 hours ago
TheMoneyMaker Equips and Cards if you wan... prontera 3 hours ago
Happy Vending Glove[1], Orc Warrior Card, etc prontera 3 hours ago
Ghendry CENGLI Shop prontera 3 hours ago
kakashides Dead branches; oranges payon 3 hours ago
Geenee buckler[1] shield[1] Etc. prontera 3 hours ago
Theodor Available items for Vending prontera 3 hours ago
Dubious Salesman Mink Coat | Katar prontera 3 hours ago
Select padded[1] mantle[1] prontera 3 hours ago
Nemo the seller eiei Nico Nico nii~~ by nemo prontera 3 hours ago
Thorstein Veblen +5 Shoes[1], Shoes[1], Ribbon prontera 3 hours ago
Arch Orchers T H I C C prontera 4 hours ago
Zbrojir Saint´s Robe, Rose aldebaran 4 hours ago
Champloo$ TRASH prontera 4 hours ago
Eries menteur prontera 4 hours ago
Elyor More Stuff prontera 4 hours ago
Tincture Brew prontera 4 hours ago
Aeryn Sun meh prontera 5 hours ago
Koh~ IceKatar/DisguiseC/RayArcherC/EPTC prontera 5 hours ago
FamilyMart FamilyMart 180,144 prontera 5 hours ago
Bombs Away Things prontera 5 hours ago
buy thi Ring[1]-BigFott-MightyStaff prontera 5 hours ago
Sou Cotton* prontera 5 hours ago
carlisle merchant loli/marc/marse/orc skeleton prontera 6 hours ago
Savannah Merch CoC/glove[0]/headgears prontera 6 hours ago
gee merch Gears:Restocked prontera 6 hours ago
Smart Cards:Restocked prontera 6 hours ago
iSellGoods IM POOR prontera 6 hours ago
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