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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Salespierre Cards shop prontera 27 minutes ago
Golden Shower Eggyra, Medusa, Blinder, JCrown, WoV prontera 52 minutes ago
Legendary ForgePierre Chez Pierre|Vitata,Metaling,Wolf,Hun prontera 1 hour ago
beenballin FLC and Mandragora C prontera 2 hours ago
Jake Zyrus 4leaf clover, STEMS, angelic protect prontera 2 hours ago
Quest Items4Life Jobchange/Quest Items Vol. #1 prontera 4 hours ago
Penny AoA/Cards/Blue Herb/DB/Trunk/THS prontera 5 hours ago
Handelsflotte +7 PA / Stilettos / Waghnak / Iron prontera 5 hours ago
Grimlock 24/7 Weaps & Equips Co. prontera 6 hours ago
BeemZoom Buy bye~ prontera 6 hours ago
COB MVP Creamy Cards prontera 6 hours ago
Cog Shop name is empty prontera 10 hours ago
DranMerch Steel, +7 Saber, Bucklers, [4]s, prontera 11 hours ago
Dope Fiend Empty inside prontera 11 hours ago
Young Twig Jarguwan prontera 11 hours ago
Juan In A Million SS & Goblin Cards prontera 11 hours ago
Grope Fiend What you tryin to do prontera 11 hours ago
Bloody Branch Ocaylmao prontera 11 hours ago
Sega Ryuu Bargains! prontera 12 hours ago
gimme mah moneh CLEARANCE prontera 12 hours ago
Merchant of Life Shop at Life! prontera 14 hours ago
FerrousPowder SkelPCard AutBag Stiletto B.Axe4 prontera 15 hours ago
I think someone babby's first shop prontera 15 hours ago
Little Bee Equips~ prontera 19 hours ago
Kimmie Whites - SP - Boots - Cards prontera 19 hours ago
retarded merchant Raydric Haed Blush prontera 19 hours ago
wohohooho Store Wind Blade prontera 20 hours ago
Kanemochi Porcellio and Clips prontera 20 hours ago
striker Low price? prontera 21 hours ago
Yellow Gem Do you like dags? prontera 22 hours ago
Roseanne Gear prontera 1 day ago
Mizuki Hydra 1,8m, Box of drowsiness, CB prontera 1 day ago
Illyasviel Einzbern Shop! prontera 1 day ago
Cris Katana,Steel,Panacea prontera 1 day ago
Emerald Summer Sale prontera 1 day ago
Esmeralda Worn Out Scrolls prontera 1 day ago
BlackMarket Undershirts and a Clip! prontera 1 day ago
Skidka check thise prontera 1 day ago
Alc. Jake Things. aldebaran 1 day ago
Kafra Corporation Kafra Corporation, always with you! prontera 1 day ago
Radax Noxious, Hydra prontera 1 day ago
Zen Ny CLICK = BUY OR DIE prontera 1 day ago
Pisces- 1 Random 1z || Rest, IDK prontera 1 day ago
Limette All you need! prontera 1 day ago
Mixxor Marine S. C. / Steel / B heart prontera 1 day ago
Stuff 03 Shop name is empty prontera 1 day ago
selllllllll <3 prontera 2 days ago
Methadus Cards | Weapons | Shields | Mari Dol prontera 2 days ago
Shaelyn Shop name is empty prontera 2 days ago
kartofelek Boots[1], chain [3], white herb etc prontera 2 days ago
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