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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Lil Shekel tfw no Zerom card prontera 2 minutes ago
Juden DAS SHOP ™ - cart sanitisation prontera 47 minutes ago
LathVend Haed[2]|Bucks[1]|Bigfoot|Kukre|Hydra prontera 1 hour ago
Heartbroken AoA and lowbies prontera 1 hour ago
Red Potion Red Potion SEA OTTER CRAP AND DRAINLIAR prontera 1 hour ago
Kanemochi Mantis and yet more Clips prontera 2 hours ago
ZydowskiMerch Fire Arrow/Iron/Meat payon 2 hours ago
Elise Lovai Nya~<3 prontera 4 hours ago
Genki Soldier Skeleton Card prontera 6 hours ago
Yekaterina Sushi Consumables! prontera 7 hours ago
Cris Zzzzzzz prontera 8 hours ago
ChambaMerch Chambas VVS Ele Shop #2 25.09 prontera 9 hours ago
Champer Chambas VVS Ele 25.09 prontera 9 hours ago
IngvarKamprad Cheap Gaia Whips and Equips prontera 10 hours ago
ODD1 Good Luck !! prontera 10 hours ago
badunkadunk supplies pay_arche 10 hours ago
RichiRich +10CompBow(4),Coronet,PorceC prontera 12 hours ago
|Devi HERE123 prontera 14 hours ago
Quest Items4Life Jobchange/Quest Items Vol. #1 prontera 14 hours ago
Can I brew thi Breaking the economy prontera 17 hours ago
Gefest All You Need ™ prontera 17 hours ago
merc What's up? prontera 21 hours ago
Cute boi Mirror Shield[1] prontera 22 hours ago
Rance Panties and stuff prontera 23 hours ago
Alpacasso gotta wear your pumps dude prontera 1 day ago
Local Weed Dealer Peco peco, myst, hood[1] prontera 1 day ago
Honest John Sleeper,hypno,wolf prontera 1 day ago
Clio Don't Think, Just Do. prontera 1 day ago
Tolokoh Sells Shop of the Day prontera 1 day ago
Mixxor Boy's Caps / Card / Stuff prontera 1 day ago
Handelsflotte +7 Manteau / Manteau / Ele WeaponVVS prontera 1 day ago
Penny Sohee Card / GC Helm / Blinker prontera 1 day ago
Merkua Seventy Kay~! (70k) prontera 1 day ago
selllllllll <3 prontera 1 day ago
StrangerDanger Arc Wand + Red Blood prontera 1 day ago
Storefront of White Arc EMP ANVIL prontera 1 day ago
Stuff 03 Shop name is empty prontera 1 day ago
Stuff 02 Shop name is empty prontera 1 day ago
J.S. Mill <Insert Shop Name> prontera 1 day ago
Widow's Wail Dako OTEN, Gamay BILAT, Lami IYOT prontera 1 day ago
Joker the merchant Oooh ah ah ah ah prontera 1 day ago
spina Pet Food *^* prontera 1 day ago
CripplingDepression MUFFINS prontera 2 days ago
Var SilkClipPantieWedding prontera 2 days ago
2 poor J U N K Y A R D prontera 2 days ago
Desk 1 CARDS & CRAP & CARDS prontera 2 days ago
Golden Shower Dark Blinder, Shield [1] prontera 2 days ago
Stretta's Pub Dry Bones Tavern prontera 2 days ago
Teekmerch Pretty Tight[1] prontera 2 days ago
Jacob Rosenstein Whites, Blues and stuff prontera 2 days ago
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