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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Grizzly ASPD Pets TamingItem R.Wind payon 1 minute ago
Tolokoh Sells Just another shop prontera 9 minutes ago
Pruthmal Zerom Card prontera 21 minutes ago
TanteEmma We r legion prontera 25 minutes ago
David Jacob Evil Wing Ears, Alarm Card, Oridecon prontera 35 minutes ago
Dreigh Junkshop prontera 1 hour ago
Scientits Cheap Cheap prontera 1 hour ago
Var MG|GM|Cards prontera 1 hour ago
Tamaco Merch +5 WS Champer Claymore*cheapprice* prontera 2 hours ago
Torgovik Hydra Kukre Halo Pet[+1int+20sp] prontera 3 hours ago
Dvalin Coal Red Blood Wind of Vendure prontera 3 hours ago
ILikeMoney skeleton worker card prontera 3 hours ago
Merchic WUB WUB WUB prontera 4 hours ago
Oni Sama CHEAPEST BY ONII SAMA! prontera 4 hours ago
Eric Everhard Big Bob's prontera 4 hours ago
Shoptime ==CHEAP IS MY NAME== prontera 4 hours ago
Limette All you need! prontera 5 hours ago
Venezia Cheaper than the cheapest! prontera 5 hours ago
Kalus Circl, Silk, Silver prontera 6 hours ago
merchant of venice Elu prontera 9 hours ago
Kodelka Fertilize My Eggs prontera 10 hours ago
Geenee 50K-100K prontera 10 hours ago
Habibi_DI Habibi Premium Cards prontera 11 hours ago
Purple Turtle Gakkung[2] | junk prontera 11 hours ago
Select Sunday Sales prontera 11 hours ago
gee merch Nov 19 Update prontera 11 hours ago
Chacha Left prontera 12 hours ago
Chad.N II Saint / Silk Robe[1] / Clip[1] prontera 13 hours ago
BlackMarket Undershirts! prontera 15 hours ago
Supplier Hi prontera 16 hours ago
Farming Power GROS DESIR SHOP prontera 17 hours ago
Gros Desir Gwos Desir prontera 17 hours ago
VendingSin 500000 yuno 21 hours ago
Wadu RRAUUUUUUUUUL prontera 21 hours ago
ampfer Dye your sheep! prontera 21 hours ago
Boomer&Polenta PECO PECO AND RODA FROG CARD prontera 21 hours ago
Vending User 1 Patch 4.6 prontera 21 hours ago
yen Daily Robin prontera 22 hours ago
teekyuu beep beep sheep with steep fleep! prontera 22 hours ago
Vending User Patch 4.0 prontera 22 hours ago
conditions of my parole trick or treat buff prontera 1 day ago
FoxVoxForge Epic shop! prontera 1 day ago
Miss Money Zeny Miss Money Zeny is here for you prontera 1 day ago
spina Pet Halloween *^* prontera 1 day ago
zenyzeny Pet Egg Sale *^* prontera 1 day ago
Thorin Reds | Wings | Quiver | ASPD | Clip pay_arche 1 day ago
Heartbroken SNOWFLAKES AND CAREBEARS prontera 1 day ago
Fili Reds | Wings | ASPD | Quiver | Clip prontera 1 day ago
?!?!? Ranked CWPs | Gears | Cards prontera 1 day ago
ChambaMerch2 Chambas Ranked VVS Ele Wappon #2 prontera 1 day ago
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