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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
FoxVoxForge Epic shop! prontera 1 minute ago
Marquis de Carabas Black Market Goods prontera 1 hour ago
Card Revolution Card Revolution <3 prontera 2 hours ago
PuddingTamer Shop name is empty prontera 3 hours ago
VendingThing Shop name is empty prontera 3 hours ago
Tenkorama Wal-Mart prontera 3 hours ago
Dr. Kevorkian Tights [1] & Pantie prontera 5 hours ago
Chocolate Love stop n shop prontera 8 hours ago
Blue Jeans ugly itamz prontera 8 hours ago
Golden Shower Shoes / Jur / Smokie C prontera 9 hours ago
Bubble Tea SkeletonWorkerCard | SoldierSkel Car prontera 9 hours ago
Propane Accesories +7shoes prontera 11 hours ago
Junk Storage1 ?? prontera 11 hours ago
Ganglion Cards prontera 11 hours ago
Yekaterina Consumables! Cheaper than NPC! prontera 13 hours ago
Iphone 7 S Plus Seal & Watch ! prontera 14 hours ago
Hamachi Sushi Shop prontera 18 hours ago
Hermes Trismegistos +7 Full Plate prontera 19 hours ago
Lomdha of Zena Aye simae! prontera 20 hours ago
Zenychka O_O prontera 21 hours ago
iHeartly For the fresh Swordsmen! izlude 22 hours ago
Quest Items4Life Quest Items Galore Volume #1! prontera 22 hours ago
Junk Storage2 ??? prontera 1 day ago
Illyasviel CHEAP STUFFS prontera 1 day ago
Bloody Branch Ochayhayhay prontera 1 day ago
Young Twig Go prontera 1 day ago
Dope Fiend Armor prontera 1 day ago
Grope Fiend Weapons prontera 1 day ago
SellyShelly Sushi Shop Jr. prontera 1 day ago
Hades ~Iz dat foh relz?~ prontera 1 day ago
MartyJ Wig Co - Weapons Dept. prontera 1 day ago
Junk Storage3 ???? prontera 1 day ago
xMerch0 Starsand prontera 1 day ago
LuxuryItem Marc,Thara,Cap[1] prontera 1 day ago
CommonTrader Aoa,SR,Rough,Cruiser prontera 1 day ago
Phyrria Smile today! Get Mr. Smile! prontera 1 day ago
Heldenpeddler Diamond Elementals prontera 1 day ago
BestSeller Wig Co. prontera 1 day ago
Majinka Scream Aim Fire prontera 2 days ago
Bargain Hunter Bargain's Bargains prontera 2 days ago
Belfegor Weapons! prontera 2 days ago
Drakenette DrakenZ Reds, Flies and Goods! payon 2 days ago
Ebay All Your Things Peco In One Place! prontera 2 days ago
Adela shop Everything for 2m prontera 2 days ago
Kuro Neko Nyan~<3 prontera 2 days ago
Toriel Ranked VVS Still/Stunn/Pikey prontera 2 days ago
Drakenella DrakenZ PetFood, Reds, Flies, Yeah. prontera 2 days ago
Asriel Ranked VVS Clay/Dama/Flam prontera 2 days ago
Dead Branch Ranked VVS Fists/Axe/Lance prontera 2 days ago
Drakenita DrakenZ Reds, Flies and Goods! EAST prontera 2 days ago
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