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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
n1shop (Vending) Great Nature 4.4k Buckler 850 prontera 3 minutes ago
Exisce (Vending) DEFINITION OF RUSH prontera 4 minutes ago
good timing (Vending) why so sexy? geffen 6 minutes ago
Maude (Buying) CACTUS NEEDLE :D morocc 14 minutes ago
MrBig (Vending) CHAIN3,SANTAPORING,ROSARY prontera 24 minutes ago
Faeria (Vending) 204, 164 STRAW / DB prontera 25 minutes ago
Ragnelle (Vending) Junk in the Trunk prontera 51 minutes ago
Honey Bear (Buying) B> oridecon,elunium,steel,iron,coal prontera 1 hour ago
SellItToMe (Buying) B> elunium, steel, iron, coal, heroi prontera 1 hour ago
Terrorist (Vending) . prontera 1 hour ago
astofol chan~~ (Vending) CHEAP DESU~ prontera 1 hour ago
Slave Trader (Vending) Disconnect me with your zeny! prontera 1 hour ago
Zags (Vending) Elu prontera 1 hour ago
Goonie (Vending) 4m Matyr Card,1m RomanticFlower prontera 2 hours ago
IwantHoney (Buying) B>Blue Herb prontera 2 hours ago
GOAT Vend (Buying) B> OBB & Hero Emblem prontera 2 hours ago
SNova (Vending) BE GLAD !!! prontera 2 hours ago
I Sell Junk (Vending) Buy My Junk!~ prontera 2 hours ago
Thrifty (Vending) Thrifty prontera 2 hours ago
Dransik` (Vending) dingz prontera 2 hours ago
Than (Vending) New items >> Be quick prontera 2 hours ago
Freckle (Vending) Mexicoland Emporium prontera 2 hours ago
generic vender (Vending) PAYON SHOP payon 2 hours ago
Golden Shower (Vending) SafetyR, SpikyB, Coront, FPlate,BAxe prontera 3 hours ago
Banco do Brasil (Buying) cactus needles morocc 3 hours ago
Pilgrim (Vending) Dunder Mifflin geffen 3 hours ago
JustBuyIt (Vending) Cheap RankedElem 2HandAx/Pike/Tsurug prontera 3 hours ago
Easy1 (Vending) Cheap RankedElem Lance/Damascus/Fist prontera 3 hours ago
Valibos (Vending) crap prontera 3 hours ago
CarlynOcampo (Vending) BUY THIS FOR EXTRA DAMAGE prontera 3 hours ago
Yakul (Vending) Cheap Gear prontera 4 hours ago
Slowbro (Vending) Oridecon and Cards prontera 4 hours ago
Sol Vender (Vending) Blossom and Raydric prontera 4 hours ago
ArchExports (Vending) ArchShop™ prontera 5 hours ago
Sery (Vending) CHEAP 4 SLOTS prontera 5 hours ago
oh god (Vending) Hearts of Mermaid, Saints Robe prontera 5 hours ago
NoMammo (Vending) !~~~ prontera 5 hours ago
Dero (Vending) Quest Items 1-2k prontera 6 hours ago
EASYNAME (Vending) CHEAPEST SILK ROBE prontera 6 hours ago
Zgal (Vending) Gold prontera 6 hours ago
Furo (Vending) Juices and Quest 1-2k prontera 6 hours ago
Uchi Jr (Buying) Support Low Forge Prices prontera 7 hours ago
Xyster (Vending) Uchi Ranked VVS Dama/Fist prontera 7 hours ago
Lv.99 Zeny Mastery (Vending) magnolia horong sohee drops cards prontera 7 hours ago
Xuwz (Vending) Uchi Ranked VVS Daam/Tsuru/Fist prontera 7 hours ago
Xratf (Vending) Uchi Ranked VVS SwordM/Mg/Pike prontera 7 hours ago
Xpren (Vending) Uchi Ranked VVS Clay/Axe/Lance prontera 7 hours ago
metrer (Vending) WAU prontera 7 hours ago
Xylidin (Vending) Uchi Ranked VVS Clay/Axe/Lance prontera 7 hours ago
Vendorful (Vending) Vendorful prontera 7 hours ago
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