Basic Info

Name 2545 Musika[1]
Item ID 2545 - Musika
Type Armor
A newly designed armor from the Prontera Church exclusive for priests to protect the priests who hunt demons.
MDEF + 3
Add a chance of auto casting Level 1 Heal on yourself when the user receiving physical damage.
If you know a higher level of heal, you will cast that level instead.
Type : Garment
Defense : 2
Weight : 50
Required Level : 70
Applicable Job : High Priest


Weight 50
NPC Buy 20 z
NPC Sell 10 z
Refineable Yes
Equip Locations Garment


Range 0
Defense 2
Attack 0
Weapon Level 0
Slots 1


Level Range 70 +
Usage None
Trade None
Job Class Types Upper
Job Classes Priest / Monk
Gender Any


Use Script
bonus bMdef,3; bonus3 bAutoSpellWhenHit,AL_HEAL,max(getskilllv(AL_HEAL),1),20;
Equip Script
Unequip Script

Dropped by

ID Monster Chance Level Race Element
1796 Aunoe 0.05% 62 Demi-Human Neutral 4