Basic Info

Name 2367 Sniping Suit[1]
Item ID 2367 - Sniping_Suit
Type Armor
A sniping suit is a specialized outfit that assists with muscle movements when using a bow.
Reduces necessary time to shoot arrows and helps to achieve improved accuracy.
Critical Rate + 6, Bonus (LUK/10) Critical Rate depending on your LUK rate.
MDEF + 5, Reduces after-cast skill delay by 23%.
Type : Armor
Defense : 5
Weight : 75
Required Level : 50
Applicable Job : Sniper


Weight 75
NPC Buy 20 z
NPC Sell 10 z
Refineable Yes
Equip Locations Armor


Range 0
Defense 5
Attack 0
Weapon Level 0
Slots 1


Level Range 50 +
Usage Can't be used while sitting
Trade None
Job Class Types Upper
Job Classes Hunter
Gender Any


Use Script
bonus bMdef,5; bonus bCritical,6+(readparam(bLuk)/10); bonus bDelayrate,-23;
Equip Script
Unequip Script

Dropped by

ID Monster Chance Level Race Element
1830 Bow Master 0.6% 80 Demi-Human Neutral 4