Basic Info

Name 2123 Orleans's Server[1]
Item ID 2123 - Orleans_Server
Type Armor
A large round iron plate that seems to be used for carrying food, polished so much it shines.
Reflect of all Magical Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it (Success Chance 5%).
MDEF + 2
[+ Orleans' Gloves]
Reduces casting time by 10%.
Type : Shield
Defense : 5
Weight : 100
Required Level : 55
Applicable Job : Every Transcendent Job except High Novice


Weight 100
NPC Buy 20 z
NPC Sell 10 z
Refineable Yes
Equip Locations Off Hand


Range 0
Defense 5
Attack 0
Weapon Level 0
Slots 1


Level Range 55 +
Usage Can't be used while sitting
Trade None
Job Class Types Upper
Job Classes All Jobs Except Novice
Gender Any


Use Script
bonus bMdef,2; bonus bMagicDamageReturn,5;
Equip Script
Unequip Script

Dropped by

ID Monster Chance Level Race Element
1737 Aliza 0.25% 69 Demi-Human Neutral 3