Basic Info

Name 1918 Oriental Lute
Item ID 1918 - Oriental_Lute
Type Weapon - Musical Instrument
An ancient lute that is seen in some oriental towns such as Payon, Amatsu or Kunlun.
Its playing technique has been long lost and nobody in these days knows how to play it properly.
Inflict 10% more damage with Melody Strike and Arrow Vulcan.
Type : Musical Instrument
Attack : 150
Weight : 120
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : 65
Applicable Job : Bard


Weight 120
NPC Buy 20 z
NPC Sell 10 z
Refineable Yes
Equip Locations Main Hand


Range 1
Defense 0
Attack 150
Weapon Level 4
Slots 0


Level Range 65 +
Usage None
Trade None
Job Class Types Normal / Upper / Baby
Job Classes Bard/Dancer
Gender Male


Use Script
bonus2 bSkillAtk,CG_ARROWVULCAN,10; bonus2 bSkillAtk,BA_MUSICALSTRIKE,10;
Equip Script
Unequip Script

Dropped by

ID Monster Chance Level Race Element
1416 Evil Nymph 0.5% 63 Demon Shadow 3